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Words at Work

Magazine article Information Today

Words at Work

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If you stuck your favorite Dilbert cartoon on your computer or bulletin board, you're sure to appreciate some of these corporate buzzwords from BuzzWhack:

airball: The corporate version of a cat hairball. Someone who makes lots of noise, disrupts everything, and has the potential to make a big mess but ultimately does nothing.

destinesia: A temporary condition that explains the dumb blank look on your face when you arrive at your destination but can't remember why you're there.

drinking from a fire hose: Overwhelmed. Taking on too much of a workload.

matrixed environment: A supposedly efficient organizational structure where workers answer to a functional department head, but most of their work is assigned and managed by a project manager from a different area. Judging from the number of "help wanted" ads looking for workers with experience in a matrixed environment, it must be hard to find people who want to work for two bosses.

meeting: Any gathering where minutes are kept but hours are lost. …

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