News and Notes for a New Year

Article excerpt

WELL, one of the watchwords for the new year is change, and change is coming for our very long-time columnist Linda Joseph and her web sleuth CyberBee. Linda has been filling our pages with CyberBee's discoveries--fabulous web resources to complement your teachers' and your curriculum--for 12plus years, and she tells us that "they" are ready to retire from creating the CyberBee column. We'll miss them greatly, and we thank them for their years of successful web mining. Linda's columns of resources going back a number of years are available online, by the way--many for free and some for a modest charge. Just surf to, scroll down, click on "Cyberbee" at the left for a list of column titles, and make your choice! And, of course, you can always access current web resources for the curriculum directly from Linda's CyberBee website at She and CyberBee plan to continue updating the site.

And who will replace CyberBee? It won't be easy, but teacher, librarian, and consultant Johanna Riddle is going to step up to the task with her own column. More on that next issue, but for a taste of Johanna's creative writing and teaching, have a look at her MMIS features "The Summer Travel Blog: A 2.0 Travelogue to Bridge Summer 'Down Time'" ( …


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