Oryx Press CD-ROM Offers Impartial Exploration of the Issues Surrounding Reproductive Rights

Article excerpt

The Oryx Press has announced its latest CD-ROM release, Abortion and Reproductive Rights: A Comprehensive Guide to Medicine, Ethics and the Law, edited by J. Douglas Butler. Oryx calls this CD an impartial exploration of medical, ethical, and legal issues surrounding reproductive rights. It allows users to trace the history of the subject while researching the multitude of present beliefs and issues.

The contents of Abortion and Reproductive Rights include more than 20,000 pages of text, 200 slides, 500 graphics, audio segments, and ultrasonic video. The contributions of numerous experts from around the world provide a multinational perspective on reproductive rights.

Among the various resources on this CD-ROM are the full text of 65 Supreme Court cases, 141 articles from the Centers for Disease Control, 136 law review articles, and the unabridged audio of Roe v. Wade. Also included are numerous articles from leading medical journals and prominent organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), The Alan Guttmacher Institute, The Hastings Center, Centers for Disease Control, and the National Right to Life Committee, Inc. …


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