RLG Databases Now Available on Web

Article excerpt

The Research Libraries Group (RLG) has announced that it has opened up a new searching option to its RLIN bibliographic database, CitaDel citation files, and English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC). Eureka, RLG's user-friendly searching interface, now makes all of them available through World Wide Web browsers.

Patricia Renfro, director of Public Services for the University of Pennsylvania Libraries, welcomed the new service. "In the last two to three years, networks campuswide and worldwide have become a major change agent in higher education--in how people learn, teach, and interact," said Renfro. "Equipped with the necessary connectivity and ease of use, users now are challenging their librarians to supply them with good information through a well-organized, smart interface around the clock. RLG's new Web version of Eureka will help us do just that. RLG's databases will serve many more users in new ways."

"The Web browser environment has become the common denominator for online research--it is the discovery environment understood by all our users, and it is the starting point for delivery of any kind of desired information," said RLG president James Michalko. "Eureka on the Web is a very elegant implementation that the most sophisticated researcher will appreciate and the new student will find satisfying. For distributed digital collections maintained by RLG and held by member institutions, it will be a gateway of choice."

The largest database currently available through Eureka on the Web is the RLIN Bibliographic Database, a steadily expanding, combined catalog created by more than 250 university libraries, museums, archives, and other entities. …


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