Magazine article Mortgage Banking

Mortgage Banking 2008 Index

Magazine article Mortgage Banking

Mortgage Banking 2008 Index

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There are two parts to the 2008 Mortgage Banking index: AUTHOR/TITLE and SUBJECT.

All articles for 2008 are listed in the AUTHOR/TITLE section according to the author's last name and by the first word of the article's title.


The SUBJECT section lists all the articles alphabetically by title under the appropriate heading(s). (Most articles appear under more than one subject heading.)

The following is a list of the subject headings to assist you in your research. Check here first to determine which heading your topic of interest is most likely to be under and then refer to that part of the SUBJECT index.

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Business Outlook

Business Strategies


Compliance Trends/Legal Issues

Delinquency/Default Management

Economic Trends and Forecasts


FHA Programs


Fraud and Risk Management


Home-Price Trends

Housing Policy


Industry/Market Research

Industry Standards

Industry Trends

Insurance/Settlement Services



Loss Mitigation

Market Trends



Origination Strategies

Regional and State Trends

Reverse Mortgages

Secondary Market







"Adjusting to New Realities," by Kenneth P. Riggs Jr., July, p. 36.

Adler, Jeffrey, Gil Ronen and Chuck Pepe, "Decisioning the Right Way," February, p. 99.

"Airfare vs. Video Conferencing" (Letter to ClOs), by Phil Huff, May, p. 89.

"All's Well at Wells," by Steve Bergsman, October, p. 88.

"An Alternative to Credit Scores," by Eric Lesin, May, p. 107.

Anschutz, Tim, "The Lowdown on Loan Modifications," May, p. 64.

Anschutz, Tim, "A New Face That Looks Familiar," June, p. 62.

Anselmo, Paul, "Breathing New Life into the Mortgage Industry," November, p. 42.

"Apartments Buoyed by Housing Downturn," by John Bell, December, p. 56.

"Are the LOS Vendors Behaving?" (Cyberthoughts), by Scott Cooley, August, p. 78.

Arnold, Steve, "Mortgage BPO--Now's the Time," December, p. 62.

"The Asian-American Market," by Rick Grant, April, p. 68.

"Automated Risk Management Can Restore Investor Confidence" (Executive Essay), by Rebecca B. Walzak, April, p. 97.

"Automated Underwriting's Next Frontier: Servicing," by Linda C. Simmons, September, p. 76.

"Avoiding the Overtime Dilemma" (Executive Essay), by Laura P. Worsinger, February, p. 111.


Babcock, Jeff, Matthew Lind, Michael Zeltkevic and Piyush Tantia, "The Future of Wholesale Lending," October, p. 56.

"Back to Basics" (Broker Business), by Howard Schneider, April, p. 103.

Backer, Bruce, "The Marketing Power of Product and Pricing Engines" (Executive Essay), June, p. 111.

"Bad Times for Information Technology Spending" (MORTECH Musings), by Jeff Lebowitz, May, p. 90.

Baldwin, Donna, and Paul Noring, "Loss Mitigation: Surviving in 2008 and Beyond" (Servicing), November, p. 82.

"Banking on Real Estate Information," by Rick Grant, February, p. 95.

"Barry Wides--OCC's Deputy Comptroller for Community Affairs" (Newsmaker), by Charles Wisniowski, September, p. …

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