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Persistent Pierre

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

Persistent Pierre

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PIERRE SALINGER IS taking issue again with the American media's refusal to accept his contention that TWA Flight 800 was downed by a U. S. naval missile.

"I still believe that the plane was unfortunately and mistakenly shot down by a naval missile," Salinger said in an interview from his Washington office.

Salinger alleged that French and German intelligence sources have told him the FBI is close to coming around to his point of view.

"Many countries in Europe believe the TWA plane was shot down by a missile," Salinger insisted."I don't know why people are attacking me. I wouldn't attack someone who provides information on a story. I am not crazy.

"A lot of people say I am not reliable. I am an exceedingly reliable person. Fox Television just conducted a poll showing that 54 percent believe there is a coverup of what happened."

Salinger, a former ABC-TV correspondent with extensive military ties dating back to his tenure as White House press secretary to the late President John E Kennedy, said he has jousted before with journalists who challenged his work.

"I have covered a lot of stories during my 40 years that people challenged, but they all turned out to be true," said the 71-year-old journalist.

He said the news media seem obsessed with attacking him personally instead of conducting their own independent investigations of his missile theory allegations.

"I have not been happy with the way the newspapers have reacted' Salinger said.

The veteran newsman announced last November at the American Group aviation conference in Cannes that he had proof that TWA was knocked out of the sky by a naval missile.

The FBI at first asked Salinger to document his allegations, but later announced that Salinger's material had floated around cyberspace for months and been discredited.

Salinger insists, however, that the Internet material represents only a small part of his research."I have nothing to do with the internet 'he said.

Salinger published his allegations in the March issue of Paris Match, a French magazine, and again was ridiculed by federal officials and the news media.

He said his television news career with ABC should have earned him a better hearing from his colleagues. …

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