Magazine article Word Ways

Inane Addenda

Magazine article Word Ways

Inane Addenda

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The May 1994 Word Ways exhibited a set of sentences constructed by National Public Radio listeners, each using only two consonants. This sequel shows how respondents treated one of the most frequently-chosen combinations,

Nenia: A. Nin, an undue idea on end, anidian eddy, anidian dune, a denuded undine nun, a deo, a neo-Nana, Danae, Danu, Diana, a noonday Onanoid dandy, a union in deed and a union denied, Nin, a neon ode--done, undone, ended [Sara Bailey]

Did Ned dine in India on an anna? No! [Mona Baumgartel, John DeBeer]

Did a Dane, a dandy dean and a ninny don do a deed--dine on Daddy Nino and Nanny Donna and die in a din, nude and needy? No one nodded [David Bergman]

Diana, a duenna, undeed aided Ned and Ann in one odd, nude deed in a dune in India: undone, Diana ended a nun in need in an Andean den, died, and dined in Eden [Roxanne Bogucka]

In an inn in Indiana Dan Deane dined on onion and dead doe. "O no, Dan! Inane!" added Dad Deane. "Dead doe a no-no!" Addenda: Dan died, done in, ended, one dead nude dude--a done deed [Pat Churchman]

Noon on an Indiana dune: no one eyed Diane Dean (a nun) and Eddie Dunn (a dandy) dine unaided. Nine on an Indiana dune: Annie Dunn eyed Diane and Eddie--Diane and Eddie denied innuendo indeed [Peter Collins]

One day in Dunedin, Donna eyed an inane dandy and annoyed Ned; union undone, innuendo ended in adieu [Pat Donaldson]

One noon, a dandy duo in Eden--Dan, a Dane and a dodo, and Nadine, a needy nanny and no nun--donned a nod, dunned a nude Dean Ned, and ended a din indeed [Paul Faber]

Donny, a Dundee dandy, and Nina, an Ionian nun, dined on an onion in Indiana: Nina, denuded (indeed, undone) did iodine and died (adieu, Nina!) [Sheree Galpert]

Dad and Andy, a duo, dined on a dandy dune in Dundee and indeed, no one died [Peggy Gannon] One day Dan and Donna dined on a dune and Ned nodded in a den [Linda Grady-Troia]

Nan, Dan, Ann, a den, a don, and a nun did dine on a done dead doe on a dune in a den [Stephen Gilmore]

Ed, Dan, Ned, Dean, Nana, Daddy, Anne, one nude dude (a Dane?), a nun and I dined on a dune, needed no aid and indeed no one nodded (i.e. "no")and nun and I dined on (a dud?) [James Griffith]

Don and Anna dined on "Onion Dianne" in an inn in India; did Dan and Donna do "Onion Dianne" in a den in Indiana? [Richard Grossheider]

One day Don dined on a dandy din-din and ended dead [Jim Hamilton]

Did Ann, Dan, Don, Ed, Ned, Noe, Doe, Dunn, Onnie and Nannie (a nun) die in den din? …

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