Magazine article Newsweek

Q&A: Rosie Goes Back to Therapy

Magazine article Newsweek

Q&A: Rosie Goes Back to Therapy

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Rosie O'Donnell isn't really a therapist, but she's playing one on TV, in the Lifetime movie "America." She spoke to Ramin Setoodeh.

Is this your first Lifetime movie?

Yes. My first of many, I hope.

Are you a big fan of them?

Years back, I used to be very into them. Valerie Bertinelli married a guy who had an evil twin, she married the wrong one--those kinds of things. I know that I used to be obsessed with serial murderers, like Diane Downs. The woman who killed the diet doctor, I remember watching that one.

Now that you're done blogging, do you miss it?

I do. But now I'm drawing on these Munny dolls.

What are those?

My agent sent me these white dolls that look like spacemen and you draw on them with magic markers or crayons. I put them on my site and the money goes to the school I opened.

How often do you paint them?

Constantly, like an OCD.

Are you driving Kelli crazy?

Ohmigod. Now she says to me, "Honey, we're going to Parker's play, and we'll be there for about 45 minutes, because we want to get good seats, so why don't you bring two dolls?"

Your son Parker is in a play?

Yes. He did well. Last year I directed the play. But this year I could not, because it's Shakespeare and I don't understand it.

Which play?

The one with Puck.

"A Midsummer Night's Dream"?

Yes. He was the guy in the beginning, the duke or whatever, who's getting married.

Did you give him any advice on acting?

We did the lines over and over again. I had to rent the movie with Kevin Kline to understand what the story was. …

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