World Association of Newspapers Reports 2008 Murder Toll for Journos

Article excerpt

In 2008, 70 journalists and media workers were killed because of their profession, a decrease from 2007 as the assassination toll in Iraq declined, the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) says.

Iraq remained the single most dangerous nation for journalists to work, with 14 murdered in 2008. That's down from 44 in 2007 as security improved and sectarian violence eased. "Nevertheless, journalists continue to face incredible danger in Iraq -- targeted shootings, roadside bombs and kidnap-murders all contributed to the death toll in 2008," WAN said.

India, which had no journalists killed in 2007, shared with Pakistan second place for the most number of murdered journalists. Both had seven violent deaths.

Six journalists were killed in the Philippines, and five journalists werekilled in Mexico, where warring drug trafficking cartels target journalists who dare report on organized crime.

WAN said the 2008 death toll compares with 95 killed in 2007; 110 in 2006; 58 in 2005, and 72 in 2004. So far this year, nine journalists have already been killed. …


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