Magazine article Marketing

Marketing May Prove the Real Election Winner

Magazine article Marketing

Marketing May Prove the Real Election Winner

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As I write, I'm listening to Paddy Ashdown being grilled about his tax proposals on The World at One. He's struggling to explain who will and won't be paying more tax under a Liberal Democrat government.

Most of my readers, I think it's safe to assume, earn more than [pounds]12,000 and would, if I understood Mr Ashdown correctly, pay more tax but have the satisfaction of seeing more doctors, teachers and nurses join the government payroll.

All three of us - by which I mean the interviewer, Mr Ashdown and myself - were, of course, agreeing to suspend our disbelief for the duration of the interview. We all knew perfectly well that there is as much chance of Paddy occupying Number Ten as there is of me being elevated to the peerage.

There are just two contenders who really have a chance and, in marketing terms, I think it's fair to describe them as the established brand and the lookalike. Both have their strengths and weaknesses.

We've all been using the brand for almost 20 years, so we know its features - but its recent advertising has failed to hit the spot and there's a strong suspicion that some of the brand management team have run out of steam.

The lookalike could, we believe, be every bit as good as the branded product. After all, its packaging is very similar and it makes many of the same claims. But we've never used it and we'll take a bit of persuading to give it a trial - after all, we've heard that it's simply a repackaged version of something we tried a few years back and which gave us no end of problems. …

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