Magazine article Anglican Journal

Clinging to Memory

Magazine article Anglican Journal

Clinging to Memory

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THE DAMP WIND seemed to blow right through Old Cal as he made his way to the front entrance of the nursing home. He shook the snow off his long coat and rubbed his hands together vigorously to get them warm.

Old Cal came to visit his life-long friend George. He had mixed emotions whenever he came to visit. He craved the companionship and the shared memories, but it also made him realize that the time would come when he would end up there himself: his "last stop on the way" to eternity," he would always say.

George had grown more frail since Cal saw him last; walked just a bit slower and his back bent forward just a bit more than last time. The two of them walked to the dining room, talking about their departed wives and the emptiness they felt.

"I'm getting old, Cal, and I'm afraid," George confessed.

"Afraid of dying?"

"Mainly afraid that you'll walk in to my room one day and I won't recognize you," George said, his eyes reflecting his deep pain. "It happened to John McDonald in the room next door, you know, Happened just like that," he said as he tried to snap his fingers. …

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