Magazine article Marketing

Recall: Adwatch 11.03.09 - Sky HD

Magazine article Marketing

Recall: Adwatch 11.03.09 - Sky HD

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The campaign relies on the power of the product to speak for itself - and it works.

Sometimes a product is so obviously desirable that the job of marketing is simply to introduce it to the world. Sky HD was powerful before it had even begun. Releasing it into the wild required inch-perfect handling, but it didn't require cleverness.

There's no need for grand analogy, or to explore a world without Sky HD, or even one in which televisions are clamouring for higher resolution. We don't need to meet Sky HD's imaginary friend. While no doubt true, we can't be bothered to consider the fact that having watched Sky HD, everything else will seem a little flat.

We're already impatient. We don't care about any of the make-believe that advertising could weave around this product. It has already made armchair dreams come true, just by existing.

We don't need to hear about competitors - they become irrelevant the moment a product like this becomes available. We don't need to hear that famous people like it - we'd much rather just watch famous people on it. We don't need to know how it works. Moreover, judging by the waiting lists, we don't particularly need to know what it costs.

We just need to see it, and this is where the real effort in the ad shows. …

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