Magazine article Sunset

10 Low-Fat Foods to Get You through the Summer

Magazine article Sunset

10 Low-Fat Foods to Get You through the Summer

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You've got the shades, the sunscreen, and the flip-flops. Now all you need are some refreshing, satisfying foods that won't alter your swimsuit line. Ten of my favorites follow; they're a mix of super-easy recipes and terrific new products.

Look for the chutneys, pickled carrots, salad dressings, and court bouillons in the gourmet-foods section of your supermarket, or mail-order them. Shipping costs are extra unless noted.

1. Honeydew smoothie. Shake 'em up with this pale green thirst-quencher. In a blender, whirl until smooth 1/2 cup lemon juice and fruit from a 4-pound honeydew melon. Add sugar to taste (about 3 tablespoons). Pour into tall glasses over ice. Makes 4 servings.

Per serving: 117 cal., 1.5% (1.8 cal.) from fat; 1.1 g protein; 0.2 g fat (0 g sat.); 31 g carbo (1.9 g fiber); 21 mg sodium; 0 mg chol.

2. Peach and nectarine chutneys. Three brands capture the essence of summer: Indira Delights Peach Chutney ($6.75 for 9 oz.; 415/346-9077); Judy Brown's Nectarine Chutney with a generous measure of raisins ($5 for 10 oz.; 415/594-9757); and Narsai's Nectarine Chutney ($10.50 for 16 oz.; 510/527-7900).

For an outstanding low-fat turkey sandwich, generously slather peach or nectarine chutney on slices of coarse Italian bread such as ciabatta. Top with thinly sliced roast turkey (regular or smoked) and crisp arugula.

3. Pickled carrots. The sweet spiciness of Hogue Farms Pickled Crunchy Carrots ($4.45 for 12 oz.; 509/7864557) will perk up any antipasto plate. Or try them in tuna sandwiches: mix water-packed tuna, reduced-fat mayonnaise, plenty of minced pickled carrots, and fresh-ground pepper; sandwich with bread and watercress.

4. Sweeter cucumbers. I look forward every year to the season's sweeter, more "cucumbery" cucumbers. Try pale green, ridged Armenian; stubby, light green Persian (or Sfran); slim, dark green Japanese; and oval Lemon (2 to 3 in. wide and pale yellow).

For an easy salad, combine 1 1/4 cups paper-thin cucumber slices, 2 tablespoons seasoned rice vinegar, 1 teaspoon sugar, and cayenne to taste. Spoon over lettuce. Makes 2 servings.

Per serving: 29 cal., 3.1% (0.9 cal.) from fat; 0.4 g protein; 0.1 g fat (0 g sat.); 7 g carbo (0.7 g fiber); 298 nag sodium; 0 mg chol.

5. Low-fat salad dressings. The choices continue to increase. Check out Meadow Lakes California Mountain Pear Dressing ($4 for 12 oz. …

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