Regional Web Ad Program: New York Tri-State Area Service Goes after Broadcast Ad Spenders

Article excerpt

IN THE NEW York tri-state area (New Jersey, metro/suburban New York and Connecticut)

are many businesses that want to advertise to the entire region. Also within the tri-state area are numerous media property Web sites that cover only part of the region.

As sales reps for the individual Web sites approached certain advertisers, they'd find that the companies would be more willing to buy online ad placements if they had a way to cover the region as a whole.

Thus was born NYRAP, the New York Regional Advertising Program for the Web. The program brings together the Web sites of Newsday (Long Island), the Village Voice (New York City), New Jersey Online, WCBS Radio News 88, Gannett's Westchester Newspapers (north suburban New York), and the Southern Connecticut Newspaper Group. As sales reps for these sites make their rounds, they can sell not only their own Web sites but also placements on the sites of fellow NYRAP members to create a regional buy.

Deborah Gallant, general manager of Journal Square Interactive, which operates New Jersey On-line, explains that NYRAP was created because big regional advertisers wanted to cover the entire area, or parts of it, and they were reluctant to deal with multiple Web sites in order to get that coverage.

For a regional auto dealers association to advertise to the entire area, for example, would require placing ads on several Web sites, dealing with multiple billing procedures, and supporting several different size ad banners.

The program is aimed at attracting regional advertisers to the Web. Other examples might include department store chains like Bloomingdales, which has stores throughout the tri-state region, sports teams, entertainment producers, or regional banks. …


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