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Magazine article Foreign Policy

The FP Quiz

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Are you a globalization junkie? Test your knowledge of global trends, economics, and politics with 8 questions about how the world works.

1) What percentage of Iraqis are displaced?

a) 4 percent

b) 11 percent

c) 19 percent

2) How many of the world's countries have declining populations?

a) 6

b) 12

c) 24


3) Which of these places has the highest population density?

a) Bangladesh

b) Gaza Strip

c) Singapore

4) Russia provides how much of the European Union's natural gas?

a) 12 percent

b) 25 percent

c) 40 percent

5) Which country has the highest rate of car ownership?

a) Luxembourg

b) United States

c) New Zealand

6) What percentage of the world's music downloads are illegal?

a) 35 percent

b) 65 percent

c) 95 percent


7) Which country has the highest percentage of women in its parliament?

a) Afghanistan

b) Rwanda

c) Sweden

8) How much water does it take to produce the food the average person eats in a day?

a) 8 gallons

b) 80 gallons

c) 800 gallons


1) C, 19 percent. About 1 in 5 Iraqis. some 5.2 million people, are displaced from their homes. About 2.4 million live as refugees outside Iraq, mainly in neighboring countries such as Jordan and Syria. According to the International Organization for Migration, another 2.8 mill on are internally displaced within Iraq itself. Many return to find their homes destroyed or occupied by others, or they discover they've been priced out of their old neighborhoods.

2) C. 24. Of the two dozen countries that are shrinking in population, nine. including Moldova and Russia. are former Soviet states. Most others are Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria and Slovenia. Developed countries Germany and Japan also make the list, as do AIDS-afflicted Swaziland and Zimbabwe. The fastest-growing countries? The Maldives (5.6 percent per year) and the United Arab Emirates (3.8 percent).

3) C, Singapore, The Gaza Strip has frequently been described as one of the most densely populated places on Earth. With 10,800 people per square mile, it is indeed crowded: by comparison, Bangladesh has 2,800 per square mile, and the United States just 80. …

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