Magazine article The Exceptional Parent

A Pediatrics-Only Web Site

Magazine article The Exceptional Parent

A Pediatrics-Only Web Site

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Families that include children with disabilities often also include children without special needs. There are days when parents badly need speedy information about special needs, those when they have to know a little more about "standards" such as allergies or the common cold, and those when both are priorities.

Whether the mystery is about disabilities, treatments, medications, infant formula, or wheelchairs, trusted information is always a challenge. Where do you go?

Parents and professionals now have access to both general and specific pediatric information, whether special needs or not, all under one cyber-roof.

Click here for Special Needs information: http://www. From there, it is easy to navigate through an overall pediatrics site -- PediaNet -- for answers to other questions.

Much like the almost magical moment when a hyperlink takes you instantly from one world to another, Exceptional Parent magazine, at the start of its 26th year, has made a full leap from print into cyberspace with a like-minded Internet-based company: Pedianet.

Just as with Exceptional Parent, PediaNet's contents are meant for both parents and professionals; cover a wide range of health information; and is backed by a respected Advisory Board.

Through Pedianet, Exceptional Parent will provide exclusive content features such as:

* useful pharmaceutical information;

* database of disabilities;

* opportunities to interact with a community of parents, pediatricians and educators;

* products and services information;

* links to disability organizations;

* and much, much more.

A five-star resource

Pedianet recently received five-stars -- the top rating -- from WebNet, the industry's leading site evaluator. The site is designed to accommodate two types of users: the public, including parents, children, medical students; and professionals, including licensed pediatricians, medical institutions and their personnel -- as well as related-industry professionals who service the world of pediatric medicine.

Using cutting-edge web technologies, Pedianet's "Public Gateway" opens up areas with seemingly endless, useful information: Emergency Alerts; Product Expo; Immunization; Chat Centers; Product Recalls and Alerts; Disease Database; Simple RX Guide; Educational Annex.

Professionals who enter the "Professional Site' gain access to: Pedianews Pro; Journal Reviews; Experts Comer; Pharmacy (a comprehensive description of drugs) and Devset[TM], a propriety software. package available to physicians and other health care professionals for tracking a child's growth and development milestones.

Content provided to Pedianet by Exceptional Parent featuring selected articles and stories links to most Pedianet areas. Look for the Exceptional Parent logo on the front page of PediaNet's site.

Exceptional Parent on Pedianet goes "live' in late summer 1997. Ideas and suggestions from our readers are welcomed. Send an e-mail to


The internet's most trusted source of information that matters, from people who care.

The new alliance combines EXCEPTIONAL PARENT's more than a quarter century of caring with PediaNet's award-winning design and cutting-edge technology. …

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