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The Roswell Daily Record in Outer Space


While many online newspapers play to their strengths by offering indepth information and resources about an issue or topic that's in their backyard --computers in Silicon Valley, automobiles in Detroit--the Roswell (N.M.) Daily Record Web site has its own cottage industry-- Unidentified Flying Objects.

Ever since the first story, about an alleged UFO crash appeared on the front page of the Daily Record in July 1947, this desert city of nearly 45,000 has been a focal point for true believers in extraterrestrial encounters.

And now, the newspaper's Web site glories in UFO lore, allowing visitors to explore the various reports on what has been termed the "Roswell Incident," a subject that has generated countless news reports, books and motion pictures.

The site includes the original 1947 Daily Record headlines announcing that a UFO had been captured and was being housed at the Roswell Army Air Field. But the next day's headline and story contradicted the accounts of the previous 24 hours as Air Force officials announced it was not a flying saucer, but just a downed weather balloon. For five decades, that incident has fueled speculation among conspiracy buffs that the government is hiding something.

The Web site is divided into six categories: news articles, related sites, Air Force Report about Dummies, Roswell Daily Record, Roswell UFO Encounter, Gift Catalog and Encounter '97. There are even some little applets of flying saucers and spooky blinking lights.

Jack Swickard, general manager of the Daily Record, said when the Web site debuted about eight months ago the decision was made to include only UFO-related material, especially with a festival marking the golden anniversary of the crash approaching.

"We wanted to get something up because we knew the UFO festival was going to be a very, very big deal and, heck, the whole thing started with a story on our front page so we started with that and there's just been so much," explained Swickard. …


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