EBSCO Subscription Services Announces EBSCO Online Electronic Journal Services

Article excerpt

EBSCO Subscription Services has announced the name of its developing World Wide Web-based electronic journal services system as EBSCO Online.

"EBSCO has been developing, testing, and refining this service for the last year," said F. Dixon Brooke Jr., vice president and general manager of EBSCO Subscription Services. "Objectives of EBSCO Online are to offer information users, librarians, and publishers the best and most complete ordefing and subscription-management services for online journals and the best in convenience and flexibility for online journal access. Ordering and access are the two major concerns of librarians and publishers alike as the number and use of online journals continue to proliferate."

EBSCO Online will provide librarians with distinct ordering and management services for online journals as well as integrating these services with those traditionally offered for subscriptions in print and other formats, such as incorporating a library's online journal subscriptions into the many serials management reports available through EBSCO Subscription Services. Additionally, EBSCO intends to offer librarians the ability to order and access all World Wide Web-based journals published.

EBSCO will cooperate with all publishers to provide access through their distribution channels in the best method possible for users. While many online journals will be housed on EBSCO's server, numerous other journals will, by publisher policy, be accessed through publisheroperated servers or through aggregator servers at other locations.

EBSCO Online's authentication and password control process will allow library patrons to access the journals to which their library subscribes through EBSCO. …


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