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Opinion: The Marketing Society Forum - Is There a Market for Savoury Breakfast Bars?

Magazine article Marketing

Opinion: The Marketing Society Forum - Is There a Market for Savoury Breakfast Bars?

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Unilever is to extend its Marmite brand with the roll-out of a savoury bar in the hope that consumers will be tempted by the yeast extract's distinct flavour in a sector dominated by sweet products.


Convenience sells, especially in the UK. We have been quick to embrace everything designed to make life easier. Just look at the premium that people used to pay for sliced veg, as opposed to the variety that needs a bit of chopping.

The cereal bar market epitomises our desire for the quick fix. We are addicted to these short cuts, but where cereal had an easy ride behind the established category of confectionery, savoury bars have a challenge.

People love a savoury experience for breakfast but it's usually hot and buttered, with lashings of something else - which is where Marmite comes in.

Love it or hate it, the Marmite breakfast bar strategy is bold. You can count on Unilever to deliver a cracking execution on packaging and communications, but can it deliver the toast experience? That unmistakable tingle you get tucking into hot toast covered with butter and Marmite? If it can convey that with a bar, it will take the market by storm. If not, it will be off the shelves before you can say 'BOGOF'.


The Great British Breakfast is one of our finest unmanaged brands, and the best thing since sliced bread must be piping-hot toast with melting butter. There is clearly demand for a savoury start to the day.

I'm sure in the 106 years since the The Marmite Food Extract Company was founded, there are few people who haven't tried the brand at some time in their life and made an instant decision on where to place it on the 'love it or hate it' scale.

For Marmite lovers, this could be the best news they've had this month With no need to spend half an hour making extra-thick lumpy porridge with salt, they can join the morning bustle with their breakfast-bar-to-go

I am 100% confident that there is a market for a Marmite breakfast bar It might not be the biggest category of the market, but it is bound to have a loyal following.


One of the happiest moments of my life was when I came across Marmite in a tiny shop in Kathmandu after months of yeast-extract-free Asian breakfasts. …

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