Magazine article Insight on the News

At War with the New Establishment

Magazine article Insight on the News

At War with the New Establishment

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Political corectness, which means codifying liberal dogma, is being used to create a new establishment conservatives see as culturally insane, says a colorful author and social critic.

America is going crazy!"

The lament is heard from Bangor to Bakersfield as Americans shake their heads about the ludicrous incidents of social and cultural madness that bombard them daily. One after another, people are entertained or frightened, as examples of absolute nonsense replace good sense in a once-pragmatic nation. Reality is being turned upside down, creating a topsy-turvy culture.

America is rapidly experiencing a sociological and philosophical change -- almost entirely for the worse, conservatives say -- as traditional truths are replaced by false sociological theory. It occurs daily, in many manifestations, yet it escapes understanding.

Some examples:

* At Williams College, a young female student was castigated because she refused to use a school-approved coed bathroom.

* In New York City, a mugger subdued by a police officer sued for use of excessive force and won in court.

* More than 100 words have been deleted from the Scrabble dictionary for fear someone might be offended.

* In almost every medical school, "affirmative-action" females are admitted as future doctors even though they score 14 percent lower on the physical-science admission test than do men, pushing out better-qualified applicants and threatening the future of the profession. Minority medical students score even lower.

* Most students in a bilingual New York college failed to graduate. Why? Because they couldn't pass a simple test in English.

* Parents of a disruptive child who threatened to kill schoolmates sued the school when the child was suspended. They were awarded $20,000 a year for private-school tuition and $360,000 in legal fees.

* At Stanford University, the major course in Western civilization was discontinued because it was too "Eurocentric," as if that is not the basic culture of the nation.

* The US. Forest Service in California advertised for only "unqualified" female fire fighters. The reason? A pool of qualified men was blocked by the court to satisfy a gender-equality ruling.

* At Georgetown University, Shakespeare no longer is required study of English majors because officials claim the Bard is not politically correct.

Are these aberrations of normal life accidental and coincidental?

Hardly. They all are interconnected by-products of the "New Establishment," a group of politically correct academics, politicians, judges, lawyers, journalists, bureaucrats, military personnel and foundation leaders who have taken control of virtually every one of the nation's institutions.

Quietly and unseen, unknown and ruthless, they have assumed power from the Old Establishment, promoting a changed vision everywhere. This New Establishment has replaced traditional mores and values with a relativistic "experimental society" that masquerades as "sensitive." Conservatives say it fails citizens of all races and genders and is spawning a new racism and sexism.

What started out as "tolerance" seems to many to have degenerated into lower standards, unfairness and discrimination. It has brought such programs as affirmative action, bilingualism, a mass hysteria of sexual harassment, "multiculturalism" instead of "uniculturalism," political correctness, weak college curriculum, irresponsible court decisions reaching up to the Supreme Court, a dubious coed military, distorted arts and an immigration policy that purposely penalizes Europeans -- all within a framework of strict conformity in which fashionability reigns.

The litany of social and cultural madness continues unabated:

* At Harvard University, grade inflation is so rampant that 84 percent of seniors recently graduated with honors. …

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