Magazine article American Forests

A Celebration of America's Wild Forests: A Selection of Four Seasons from the Book Trees & Forests of America

Magazine article American Forests

A Celebration of America's Wild Forests: A Selection of Four Seasons from the Book Trees & Forests of America

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Ever since I first picked up a camera and pen and headed out into the wilds, my personal mission has been to convey critical messages about the natural world to as many people as possible. Through my photographs and writings, I seek to encourage a sense of love and commitment to natural places; to promote better understanding of natural systems and the threats to them; and ultimately, to inspire people to take action to protect the environment.

Through 30 years of working as a writer and photographer, I have had numerous magazine articles and 19 books published about the environment, the outdoors, and adventure travel. In my writing, I like to introduce the reader to places and issues through my travels and adventures. 1 find that in the context of my personal exploring, 1 can best describe the distinctive character of landscapes and how their natural systems work. I can also explain and analyze environmental threats and highlight peoples' efforts for better stewardship.

In my photography, I try to capture images that make nature come alive in people's minds. I like to show not only what nature is, but also what it does and how it works. For example, I search for dynamic scenes that illustrate all the great cycles of life, such as snowstorms, flooding, and fire. I strive for intimacy in all places and in all conditions--in short, to capture the essence of special places as they really are.

I do not use photoshop or any other means of manipulating my pictures after I take them. I do not change the color or content of my images in any way. I like to show what is actually there. I don't like the idea of people looking at pretty photos with amped-up colors and then heading out into the real natural world and being disappointed by what they see.


I've shared my photographs with others primarily through publications and through slideshows, where images and words come together with an immediacy that stirs emotional response.

Ultimately, I want my photos and writing to instill a sense of its wonder, passion, and commitment to caring for the earth and all its life.--excerpted from

In this book, I'd like to show you trees and forests I have known. I've gone out to the woods that, lie all across America and gotten lost these - not by failing to find my way out, but by forgetting, for awhile, that the rest of the world exists. With a sense of total engagement, I sought out remarkable places that still show the beauty of nature. …

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