Magazine article Canadian Dimension

Quebec Solidaire: Enters the National Assembly

Magazine article Canadian Dimension

Quebec Solidaire: Enters the National Assembly

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THE DECEMBER 8 Quebec general elections marked a historic event for the Left in Quebec, namely the election of one of its spokes-persons, Amir Khadir, in the Montreal riding of Mercier. This event was the culmination of the gathering and unifying the Quebecois Left, a long-term process that has been in a more intense phase over the past ten years.


Aside from Amir Khadir's election to the National Assembly, two elements are important to mention. First, the use of their website and the Internet--notably Facebook and Twitter--gave the campaign new, modern and efficient tools of communication. Their website featured several new videos each day, which were posted and re-posted on YouTube and beyond. This is one of the ways in which QS was able to distinguish itself from the other parties, often less prepared to use new and emerging Internet technologies.

Then co-spokesperson Francoise David made a remarkable move when, on her own terms and via her website, she participated in the provincial leaders' debate, from which she had been excluded by the Quebec television consortium. Thousands tuned into the debate on her website, and she received massive media coverage.

Meanwhile, David also made a strong showing in her riding of Gouin, reducing the divide with the winning Parti Quebecois (PQ) candidate to 2,300 votes. This was, of course, somewhat of a disappointment for QS, which would have liked to see both its spokespersons elected.

Passing the Test of Time

The gathering and unification of the Left in Quebec took a leap forward in 1998 with the creation of the Rassemblement pour une alternative politique (RAP), which signified a clear break from the PQ by the Quebec Left. In 2002, the Union des forces progressistes (UFP) was founded, uniting the RAP, the Parti socialiste du Quebec and the Parti communiste du Quebec. …

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