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Magazine article U.S. Catholic


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I think the biggest benefit of Natural Family Planning is...

It complies with church teaching.

Rick Garza

Clint, Texas

Married couples can plan their families and bring their children into the world when it's best for them and their children.

Beverly Maltbie

Corvallis, Ore.

Helping couples with infertility to work with their bodies to help achieve a desired pregnancy.

Mary Boone

Rolla, Mo.

It fits with the sacredness of life from conception to natural death.

John Jaszkowiak

Roberts, Mont.

Learning to give up your desires for your spouses. In a world of self-gratification, this brings a simple joy of servitude.

Alison Contreras

Houston Texas

How it maintains the integrity of the relationship and the bodily integrity of the woman who uses it (no chemicals or artificial materials).

Kate Cousino

New Orleans, La.

Building trust within your marriage: trust in God to know what is best for you and trust in your spouse to love you for who you are and not just for sex.

Mary Anne Plondke

Normandy, Tenn.

I think the biggest problem with Natural Family Planning is...

Missing out on those spontaneous intimate moments of joy, comfort, closeness, and healing just because the calendar says "not today."

Sylvia McGrath

Desert Hot Springs, Calif.

Parents can plan when to have a child. I think it should be God's decision.

Heidi Stoll

Dimondale, Mich.

Getting the message out.

P. J. Morris

Brooklyn, N.Y.

"We keep our bedrooms open to God by using NFP."

A woman cannot have sex when she most wants to (during her fertile period).

Lucy Nicholls

Somerset, England

Having children unexpectedly. It can create stress in a marriage that already has all it can handle.

Linda Flynn

Charlotte, N.C.

It basically ignores the unitive aspect of marital lovemaking in favor of the purely utilitarian.

Name withheld

Los Angeles, Calif.

People have difficulty following it and understanding how it works, so they quit.

Catherine Steffes

Eden, Wis.

My thoughts about the church's teachings against artificial contraception are...

The church is not driven by convenience but by what is best for us. NFP is more satisfying but requires thought and attention.

Kathleen O'Bryan

Leawood, Kan.

The church needs an education on sexuality, especially from women.

Margaret McQuillan-Key

Novi, Mich.

It embraces God's plan for marriage. NFP works with the way God created us. We keep our bedrooms open to him by using it. Shouldn't God be part of the most intimate part of our marriage?

Miriam Ashby

Grand Rapids, Mich.

There is no room for a bunch of celibate old men in my bedroom.

Name withheld

Marquette, Mich.

The intent behind NFP and artificial birth control is the same--to avoid pregnancy--so the method seems beside the point to me.

Name withheld

West Hollywood, Calif.

They are horribly out of sync with an overpopulated and poverty-filled world.

Barbara Bullinger

University Place, Wash.

They're old-fashioned. We are pushing young people away from teachings that are more important than birth control.

Name withheld

San Antonio, Texas

Why does my opinion matter? It's the church's teaching. …

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