Magazine article New Statesman (1996)

Her Eyes Bore into Him No 4072

Magazine article New Statesman (1996)

Her Eyes Bore into Him No 4072

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Set by John O'Byrne

Nigel Andrews, in the Financial Times, writes that the new film The Young Victoria presents "Victoria as a combination of beddable moppet and Becky Sharp minx ... Emily Blunt puts the sex into Saxe-Coburg ... the history is by Mills & Boon". We asked for Mills & Boon-style accounts of great historical events--for example, the resignation of Margaret Thatcher, the abdication of King Edward VIII, and so on

Report by Ms de Meaner

Brilliant! I was sorry to lose Barrie Heads's version of Eva and Hitler in the bunker ("The tablecloth seemed rather stained and dusty, she mused") and Therese Whitelock's take on Stephen Twigg's election victory over Michael Portillo in 1997 ("'Yes!' said Enfield Southgate, bosom heaving with emotion"). Hon menshes to both. [pounds sterling]20 each to the winners with the Tesco vouchers going in addition to John Samson.

A piece of paper

Neville stroked his moustache and shook off the emotional fatigue that had come as a result of tense, protracted negotiations. It had been worthwhile after all, the struggle to capture the trust of a man many regarded as a violent megalomaniac. But they hadn't seen what Neville had seen--the fear and insecurity beneath the military tunic, the need to love and be loved. And once you understood, it took so little to awaken and satisfy that need, just a portion of Czechoslovakia.

Of course, there would be some to cry betrayal, carping political enemies envious of his genius for solving crises that baffled others.

But once the plane had landed and he had shown reporters the piece of paper nestling in his pocket ... Basil Ransome-Davies

That sinking feeling

"You will meet a hunk from the North," said the fortune teller. "At first he will be distant but you will be drawn to his icy hardness." Disbelieving, she bowed out gracefully, giving the old crone a stern gaze. …

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