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The High Road

Magazine article Politics Magazine

The High Road

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Your Dilemma ...

You land a job on a well-known office holder's staff. Even though your boss is more moderate than you, he/she is in line with their constituents, and you believe in him/her completely. Then your boss announces a party switch. What do you do?

Your Choices ...

I would give my resignation, ASAP. My party is how I get my jobs: People hire me as a Democrat, not a fence-straddler. I'd stay on staff only if the politician was elected for life and I didn't have to worry about working in the real world ever again.

--A.J., Democratic field director

If you made it that far and didn't realize your candidate could switch parties then you are an idiot and should not be rewarded with any paid position.

--S.B., Republican political consultant

I think the job market is the ultimate indicator of the best course of action. A staff position may be too valuable to give up, especially if your current party has few lobbying or staffing jobs open. If your party is in the minority, those jobs are few and far between.

--T.D., Democratic legislative assistant

So long as I still believe my boss is still the right person for the job I have no problem working for him/her. …

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