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Magazine article Marketing


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Client: Reebok International Brand: Reebok

In the 80s it became common for people to be mugged because of a logo. Some design labels became far more powerful than branding. People were prepared to kill for some logos, and there was none bigger than Reebok.

While its attraction has waned during this decade, it still holds a strong attraction. Ask the parents of any teenager. Take a look at how the occupants of any pub, gym or playing field are shod or clothed. Reebok has still got it.

The street cred and fashion image that is so desired from Reebok does not come from the design of its footwear or clothing, or the quality of its product. It is the vector mark and typography that makes the Reebok identity.

The Reebok logo is not a great design. There are a host of other sporting brands that have better symbols. It has neither the emphasis conveyed by Nike nor the identity of Adidas's stripes. It is what the Reebok design stands for that is more precious.

Reebok does not have the simplistic and universally recognised flash of Nike, but its relative complexity brings with it a more sophisticated message. …

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