Primary Source Media Announces History and Literature CD-ROMs, Plus a New Database

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Primary Source Media, a leading provider of primary-source documents on microform, CD-ROM, and online, recently announced the release of three new products.

The Constitution and Supreme Court

The Constitution and Supreme Court is the newest title in Primary Source Media's historical research CD-ROM series American Journey: History in Your Hands. Like the previous American Journey titles, The Constitution and Supreme Court features rare primary-source materials organized around thematic: essays. Hyperlinks, timelines, maps, picture albums, content lists, and flexible full-text searches facilitate access to hundreds of documents and images.

The disc contains many writings by the Constitution's framers--most significantly James Madison's Notes of Debates in the Federal Convention and The Federalist Papers--that assure a detailed presentation of the formation of American constitutionalism. With more than 60 Supreme Court decisions on disc, including majority, concurring, and dissenting opinions, The Constitution and Supreme Court also encompasses the complex issues of the Constitution's continuing evolution. Political cartoons, historic paintings, photographs, and audio clips portray the U.S. Constitution's long history and highlight its continuing importance in American life.

This new title is part of the American Timelines miniseries, which also includes The American Revolution, The Civil War, and Westward Expansion. The list price is $149 per Macintosh/Windows hybrid disc. Lab packs, networks, and previews are available to educational institutions and libraries.

Major Authors on CD-ROM: The Brontes

The second new product from Primary Source Media is the newest title in its critically acclaimed literary research series Major Authors on CD-ROM: The Brontes. It is a resource for studying the complete works of the four Bronte sibling--Charlotte,

Branwell, Emily, and Anne. It includes all seven Bronte novels, the poetry, and four volumes of correspondence as well as Charlotte and Branwell's juvenilia. The disc also contains over 3,000 manuscript images, paintings, and photographs. The title is edited by Tom Winnifrith of the University of Warwick, England, a renowned Bronte scholar.

This collection offers insight into the remarkable family's literary genius by including all of the Bronte writings. …


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