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GOP Road to White House in 2000 Could Be Paved by Lies

Magazine article Insight on the News

GOP Road to White House in 2000 Could Be Paved by Lies

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It's time conservatives finally admit it: When it comes to lying -- I mean bold, audacious, public prevarication -- they just can't hold a candle to the average liberal. Your average liberal, after all, has had to cope for the last 10 to 15 years with a lot of distressing realities that squash like a bug his most cherished utopian dreams. Turns out subsidizing illegitimacy really wasn't such a good idea; treating marriage as a disposable commodity really wasn't a good solution for parents or children; those Soviets really weren't building a society far superior to our own. Put simply, there's more needed to achieve a more just and orderly society than an omnipotent state staffed by new-class paternalists like the liberals themselves.

Having been so wrong so often, no wonder liberals have adopted an ideology based on the notion that truth is relative. It's a survival mechanism. And having perfected the art of lying to themselves, we shouldn't be surprised at their facility in lying to others.

Thus, they can imagine church burnings in their childhood, which never happened, to prove their superiority in racial matters. They can imagine being named after mountain climbers years before said climbers achieved anything for which to become famous. They can imagine their lives served as a basis for popular love stories to inject in their own stilted and stiff public images some sense of the romantic. They can imagine being torpedoed to surround themselves with a whiff of the heroic. Heck, they can even imagine themselves watching televised hearings in utero. And why not? If you can convince yourself that racial discrimination is not racial discrimination, a whole world of fanciful alternative realities is possible.

Conservatives, on the other hand, have clung to the old-fashioned notion that if they just stick to the truth and "get their message out" they will triumph politically. So backward are conservatives that they only can stare in dumbstruck wonderment when a liberal throws out one of these obvious whoppers, amazed that the human mind could conceive such a thing.

The problem is, so successful has the left been in capturing the cultural controls, there now exists a large number of Americans who either a) are incapable of discriminating between fact and fiction, or b) really don't care to do so.

Indeed, Donald Kaul, a left-wing syndicated columnist for the Des Moines Register in Iowa recently suggested that Larry Lawrence, in manufacturing a heroic war record, proved himself to be far superior to the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich and Pat Buchanan who also never served in the military because said fabrication showed Lawrence at least wished to associate himself with the military and its accomplishments. …

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