Magazine article New Statesman (1996)

Just Gordon No 4080

Magazine article New Statesman (1996)

Just Gordon No 4080

Article excerpt

It looks as if it might be time for some members of the current cabinet to start thinking about writing their autobiographies - using their spare time in the near future. We asked you to suggest suitable titles for books from prominent cabinet ministers

Report by Ms de Meaner

Bad luck to a lot of compers this week - for failing to spot just what the comp title meant: Just Gordon should have made you think of Just William. In other words you had to take a well-known book title or turn of phrase and tweak it to make it work with your chosen politician. This was not the "incongruous combination of book and author" comp, which we have set before (for example, when the as-yet-unsurpassed The Invisible Man by Luciano Pavarotti featured in 1993). This time round we had How to Win Friends and Influence People by Gordon Brown, Location, Location, Location by Hazel Blears and Alan Johnson's The Postman Always Rings Twice.

The singletons get [pounds sterling]5 book tokens this week, Shirley Curran gets [pounds sterling]10, and the rest get [pounds sterling]20 -with the Tesco vouchers going, in addition, to Josh Ekroy.

Hazel Blears Crocodile Blears

James Purnell Shampoo Socialist

Ed Miliband He Ain't Eddie. He's My Brother

Alistair Darling Comical Ally David Silverman

David Miliband TheMilibland Leading the Miliblind

Peter Mandelson My Really Rather Damascene Moment

Alan Johnson Waiting for Gordo

Jack Straw Clutching at Myself

Ed Balls Gizza Chancellorship

Yvette Cooper Married to the Job

Tessa Jowell No Longer Married to the Mob

Alistair Darling I Did It His Way Josh Ekroy

Jacqui Smith Belmarsh Belle

Hilary Benn Mr Benn Goes to Parliament

Andy Burnham Burnham Would

Peter Mandelson No More Guacamole

Gordon Brown A Good Man in Downing Street AnneDuCroz

Jacqui Smith Blue Remembered Bills

Hazel Blears No Place Like Homes

Jack Straw Writing the Wrongs

Harriet Harman Gordon's Little


D A Prince

Peter Mandelson Down and Out in Brussels and London

Gordon Brown Flush Gordon Shirley Curran

Hazel Blears Woman on a Motorcycle

Bob Wells

Alistair Darling Goodbye to All VAT Sid Field

Gordon Brown The Brown Version Alanna Blake

Hazel Blears A Taste of Money NHTwitchell

Alistair Darling Desperately Seeking Prudence Brian DAllingham

Peter Hain No Pain Without Hain H Glenister

No 4083 Now you're talking

Set by HankT Romein The news media like to employ a figure of speech called metonymy and regularly claim to have received statements from streets and buildings. …

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