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Anticipate Apple's Rhapsody

Magazine article Folio: the Magazine for Magazine Management

Anticipate Apple's Rhapsody

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Even as Apple Computer plans to roll out its next-generation operating system, Rhapsody, in April, publishers are only now installing OS 8, the latest in Mac brainware for workstations. Its newest version, 8.1, started shipping last month.

Information systems directors at many large publishing houses are cautiously rolling out the new OS version to their desktops. At presstime, OS 8 was being reviewed and benchmarked at New York City-based Hearst Magazines International, to check compatibility with the company's variety of desktop software, such as Quark XPress, Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop.

"We try to see if it crashes," explains Kathy Sandler, senior prepress project manager for Hearst. Indeed, changes in an upgraded OS can affect how it interacts with older software -- in some cases, causing programs to freeze up. Hearst also checks reliability and performance of software running on the new OS. "If [the software's] slower, we're not going to roll it out."

So far, Sandler has not found any major compatibility problems with OS 8 running publishing applications, although one glitch has been found with a utility in Novell NetWare server software called NetWare Tools. Apparently, a user can't cancel print jobs sent from a machine running OS 8 and NetWare. Publishers need to be aware of this kind of problem in OS 8, particularly when buying Apple's new Power Macintosh G3 lines. (See "G3s and Q1 shake things up at Macworld," February 1, 1998, page 39.) Because the G3s currently only run OS 8, programs that run smoothly on older OS versions may not run as expected.

Smaller publishers probably don't need to worry about compatibility issues as much, because they don't have as many individual applications running on multitudes of machines -- a few machines are easier to administer than a few hundred. And in the past, software developers have been responsive to correcting glitches. Matt Bargell, art director of San Francisco-based X-Ray Publishing Ventures Ltd., remarks, "I don't have any concerns, because I know that if something didn't work well, [the software vendors] would fix it as soon as possible."

Rhapsody rocks publishing boat

Although only time will tell, OS 8 should integrate well with Apple's server OS Rhapsody -- meaning, a workstation running OS 8 will be able to exchange files efficiently with a server running Rhapsody. Rhapsody's position as a server OS will put it in a market dominated by Microsoft's NT server OS and Unix-based servers. But magazine publishers will be tantalized by Rhapsody's promises. …

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