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Nutritional Approaches to Hearing

Magazine article Nutrition Health Review

Nutritional Approaches to Hearing

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The sense of hearing is surely; one of our most important blessings, and everything we can do to preserve and enhance it is of merit. As with so many other of our inherent blessings, we take our ability to hear for granted and do not realize what a delicate and fragile organ the ear is. Before I discuss the nutritional approach, a brief review of some major causes of problems in this area is essential.

Loud noise: Excessive noise from recreational sources, loud radios, instruments, drums, occupational situations, pneumatic drills, and military operations encompass a major assault on hearing and should be reduced and moderated as much as possible.

Pressure: Excessive pressure on the ear drum can cause problems with hearing. Examples here would be flying and swimming. In both cases, appropriate measures can be discussed with the physician or audiologist to reduce potential damage.

Foreign objects: As strange as it may sound, there are still some individuals who put "things" in their ears, including cotton-tipped applicators (Q-tips), fingers, and even sharp implements. Any object placed in the ear, in addition to damaging hearing, can lead to serious and even life-threatening infections.

Allergies and infections: Allergies and infections may cause hearing problems and the correction thereof by wholistic or medicinal

1. Miniere's syndrome: This condition affect the hearing of specific individuals. It may be aggravated by the use of aspirin or other medications. In some instances, a wholistic approach can eliminate the offending medicinal substance and replace it with suitable nutrients.

2. Wax: Wax in the ear, especially in older people, is often a major cause of hearing problems. Although many remedies are available, some of them over-the-counter products, it is advisable to check with a physician as to how to ameliorate this problem.

Another area worthy of note concerns hearing problems and ear infections in children. Ear infections are probably the most common form of childhood infection, and literally millions of doses of antibiotics are used almost daily to control these infections. Often a wholistic approach can strengthen the child's immune system and minimize infective episodes. In some cases, cranial manipulation by a competent osteopathic physician may prevent the need for more drastic intervention. I am happy to report success with one of my own grandchildren via this method.

Having outlined some background factors, we are now prepared to list some specific nutritional factors that may be of benefit. After a basic multivitamin, nutritionists suggest:

1. …

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