Magazine article The New Presence: The Prague Journal of Central European Affairs

Czech and Global Events from the Second Quarter of 2009

Magazine article The New Presence: The Prague Journal of Central European Affairs

Czech and Global Events from the Second Quarter of 2009

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* 4. 3. Sudan

The International Criminal Court (ICC) issues an arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir. The Sudanese president is convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur.

* 10. 3. The Czech Republic and the US

The Czech President Vaclav Klaus states during a visit to the States that the economic crisis is the price the US must pay for its regulatory intrusions in the free market.

* 17. 3. Madagascar

A coup d'etat overthrows the president of Madagascar, Marc Ravalomanana. Backed by the military, the opposition leader Andry Rajoelina becomes president.

* 24. 3. Israel

The center-left Labor party led by Defense Minister Ehud Barak agrees to form a coalition with the conservative Likud party under the new Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. The Centrist Kadima party criticizes the coalition.

* 25. 3. The Czech Republic

The Czech government falls when Mirek Topolanek of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS) receives a no-confidence vote in the Chamber of Deputies.

* 26. 3. Egypt

The day marks the thirtieth anniversary of the Israel-Egypt Peace Agreement of 1979. Since Israel's offensive in Gaza in January, neighboring states have increased pressure on Egypt to annul the agreement.

* 1. 4. NATO

Albania and Croatia join NATO, and become the 27th and 28th members of the alliance.

* 1. 4. Russia and the US

US President Barack Obama meets Russian President Dmitry A. Medvedev for the first time. The two leaders agree to a "fresh start" in relations as they look to future discussions on arms control, the war in Afghanistan, and Iran's nuclear ambitions.

* 2. 4. The G-20

The leaders the world's twenty largest economies meet at their second summit in London. The leaders discuss cooperation in the global economic crisis and cracking down on tax havens. US President Barack Obama states that the "Washington consensus" (uninhibited globalization and deregulation) is over.

* 3. 4. Ukraine

More than 10,000 demonstrators led by the pro-Russia Party of Regions flock to the streets to the capital city of Kiev in a demonstration calling for early elections. Ukraine's economy has been hard hit by the economic crisis as the demand for steel (its primary export) has declined.

* 3. 4.-4. 4. NATO

A two-day summit commemorating the 60th anniversary of 28-member organization takes place in the German cities of Baden Baden and Kehl, and in Strasbourg, France. Former Danish PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen becomes the new Secretary General. US President Barack Obama fails to receive the troop commitment increase to Afghanistan that he sought.

* 4. 4.-5. 4. Czech Republic and the US

US President Barack Obama arrives in Prague and delivers a speech on the 5th in front of a 20,000 person crowd. Obama invokes the history of US and Czech relations, calls for nuclear arms reduction, and castigates North Korea for their rocket launch.

* 5. 4. North Korea

North Korea launches its Kwangmyongsong-2 rocket. Supposedly a satellite meant to enter space, the rocket passes over mainland Japan and falls into the Pacific. The launch garners immediate condemnation and speculation as a ballistic missile test. The UN Security Council calls an emergency meeting but fails to reach consensus on how to respond.

* 6. 4. Italy

A 6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes central Italy. Italy's worst earthquake in thirty years kills 294 people, injures more than 1,200, leaves 40,000 homeless, and devastates the city of L'Aquila which was located at the epicenter of the quake.

* 7. 4. Moldova

Violent anti-communist protests erupt in the former Soviet state's capital of Chisinau. The largely student demonstration protests the parliamentary election results which allow the Communist party to maintain its grip on power. …

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