Magazine article Marketing

Why We Ought to Shop around for New Ways to Buy

Magazine article Marketing

Why We Ought to Shop around for New Ways to Buy

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One of the most stressful aspects of a business trip to the US has to be finding yourself in one of those mega shopping malls with 40 minutes to buy every member of the family a present, including the cat.

Shops in Britain still have much to learn from their US cousins, but thank goodness we don't have many stores where the staff pounce with a cheesy greeting, usually "How are you today?". I'm often tempted to reply that as a citizen of the United Kingdom, I feel I have the right to remain silent and alone in my own personal space until I feel comfortable with the concept of providing data relating to my health or mental well-being,

Shops in the land of plenty are like cable TV channels: more and more to choose from but, paradoxically, it gets ever harder to find anything you want. Shopping may remain the number-one leisure activity, yet it must also be true that the busiest and most affluent consumers are starting to question why they are expected to wade through so much tat.

No wonder smart companies are trying to tout their wares on the Internet, and digital TV when it happens.

At an IT conference in Birmingham the other week, it was extraordinary to see so many worried, middle-aged marketing and sales directors desperate to get up to speed on commercial Web sites. Often they get upset because they can't see how or why their kind of customer is suddenly going to log on to the Net to do their shopping.

What boardroom types find hard to grasp is that the more open and intelligent the information and links their companies establish on the Web, the more potential customers will look into their virtual shop window, and then come along to the real stores to check out merchandise that already interests them. …

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