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Marketing Mole: We'll Call You - Alton Towers

Magazine article Marketing

Marketing Mole: We'll Call You - Alton Towers

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The theme park has banned visitors from wearing 'tight-fitting trunks', claiming they are inappropriate for a family setting. Is Mole's dream holiday ruined?

Alton Towers Good afternoon, welcome to the magical world of Alton Towers. You're speaking to (name), how can I help?

Mktg Hi, sorry, I think I may have come through to the wrong number. I called the main switch and wasn't sure what the appropriate option was.

Alton Towers Who were you trying to get hold of?

Mktg I went to Alton Towers with my family last year, and we were looking to do the same thing this year, but I read an article in the news yesterday that you've banned Speedos. I wanted to know why, and what swimwear I can get away with?

Alton Towers Right, just bear with me a moment, please.

Mktg Thanks. (Holds.)

Alton Towers Hello. I appreciate that it's in the press, but we have not had any information about it so far from Alton Towers.

Mktg Oh, OK. Sorry, I thought I had called Alton Towers?

Alton Towers You have, yes. We are the ticket line for all the companies. Alton Towers hasn't given out a press release at the moment or comment, so I don't have any details. …

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