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An Executive Order May Pave the Way for Liberal 'Green' Tyranny

Magazine article Insight on the News

An Executive Order May Pave the Way for Liberal 'Green' Tyranny

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Energy prices have never been lower. The cost of a barrel of crude oil fell to $13 recently and at-the-pump prices for a gallon of unleaded gas have fallen to less than $1 in many places. Adjusted for inflation and taking into account federal and state motor-fuel taxes, gasoline has never been cheaper than it is now.

Low-cost, abundant energy has propelled the surging economy. Every petroleum-dependent product--from the plastics used in personal computers to apparel--costs less to produce. It also has made it economically possible for average Americans to afford decent, full-sized cars, light trucks and sport-utility vehicles instead of the tiny death traps favored by lunatic-fringe environmentalists such as Vice President Al Gore.

But Gore's boss may just put a stop to all that--and without any say-so by the American people one way or the other. The "global-warming" treaty negotiated last fall at Kyoto, Japan, and signed by President Clinton may well end up being implemented by decree--not congressional authorization.

The Clinton administration has dropped loud hints that, should Congress fail to ratify the Kyoto manifesto--a likely outcome--Clinton simply will issue executive orders to force reductions in so-called "greenhouse gasses."

No president before him has made such abundant use of the executive order, or EO. Clinton has resorted to this unilateral (some might say dictatorial) means of dispensing with democratic procedures to get his way on issues ranging from informing labor-union members of their right not to have dues used to finance candidates' campaigns for office to efforts to curb underage smoking.

And when Congress says "uh-uh" to his plans to shackle the U.S. economy to the Kyoto ball and chain, "Il Duce of the Ozarks" simply will go over their heads. …

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