Magazine article Marketing

Are Fresh Ideas from the ITC for Real or for Show?

Magazine article Marketing

Are Fresh Ideas from the ITC for Real or for Show?

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Every so often into the jaded world of the media slips a new

idea, an unconventional approach, or the unprecedented sight of an aged

institution suddenly producing a stream of futuristic visions as if it had

been unexpectedly introduced to ecstasy or speed.

In fact it is difficult to come up with a rational explanation, other than

exotic substances, for the extraordinary behaviour of the Independent

Television Commission over the 'unbundling' of cable and satellite channels.

Lesser bodies such as the Office of Fair Trading, after months of

deliberations have, in the past, come up with draconian solutions to an old

problem by insisting that basic channels should only have to be offered to

80% of subscribers rather than 100%.

Glory be if the ITC isn't saying they want to get rid of the requirement

entirely and that small basic packages of channels are OK. You will also be

able to get access to the premium movie and sports channels as long as you

take something such as the Parliamentary channel first.

It is as if suddenly the cautious bureaucrats have started speaking in

tongues and every third word is the "market" and most of those in-between

are words such as "unlocking mechanisms".

Lest anyone was in any doubt about the profundity of the changes taking

place, there it was spelled out with not a trace of ambiguity. It was not,

said the most senior ITC personages, part of the Commission's remit to keep

afloat uneconomic channels.

Battle-hardened media types were shocked to the core. …

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