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Magazine article Mortgage Banking


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Writing news releases is tricky business. You have to package your news (and hopefully you actually have some) as though it is an exciting breakthrough. That's understood. But getting too breathy about it is terribly ill-advised. We have some examples, in case you were wondering.

Typically you don't want to use words like "delighted" or "stellar" or "boldly" or "exemplary," but then again, "leading" can be bad as well, unless it's convincingly backed up with facts.

For example, saying that "eMortgage Logic is delighted to endorse BPO Standards and Guidelines recently introduced by the BPO Standards Board" may be a bit too much. Is "delighted" really the right word there? I don't know.

And then there is a release from auction marketplace for notes. The opening line states that "the first-ever online auction marketplace of individual Notes,[R] boldly enters the scene." Sounds more like a Star Trek preview than a news release. They kept going with the whole intergalactic vocabulary in this release. The very next sentence talks about how " spent two years in development led by a stellar team of mortgage industry professionals." My dictionary defines "stellar" as "1. of the stars or a star; 2. like a star, as in shape. ..." Well, you get the point.

Another tricky thing is naming institutes so that they sound like studious places where important things are learned. So the first choice is, do you go with "academy" or do you go with "institute?" One release we got decided to go with institute, but the full official name doesn't exactly call to mind a place of higher learning. The name of the degree one can earn falls a bit short as well. So you think you might want to go to Harvard? Well, think again. How about matriculating instead at The Distressed Property Institute and getting a Certified Distressed Property Expert[R] designation? (Probably a lot cheaper.)

It's probably also good advice not to outright say in a release that some technology product or service made you a lot of money. Even if you're endorsing the product, if you are a mortgage lender in today's political climate boasting about how much money you made, it is a bit indelicate to say the least. One release we saw quoted M. Benson, of Urban Financial Group, saying positive things about a reverse-mortgage lead-generation tool. "I can say that their leads have been most profitable and their system has made me the most money." he (or she) said. OK, but you had better be taking care of those seniors. …

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