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CRM's Still Getting Social

Magazine article CRM Magazine

CRM's Still Getting Social

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I DON'T SEE ANY of the traditional CRM vendors being that strong in social CRM currently, as it relates to real integration with social networks (CRM magazine's Social Media Issue, June 2009,

All they're mostly doing--and Microsoft Dynamics CRM falls into this bucket as well as Oracle and some basic social media monitoring so you can watch Twitter conversations from within your CRM application.

As far as I can make out, none of them is taking the wealth of public profile information that exists on social networks to keep customer records updated automatically, which should be one of the most-basic functions of true social CRM.

Jeremiah Owyang of Forrester has a great vision of what social CRM will become, which I subscribe to fully. His view is that this market will be at its hottest in between two and four years' time. It's still in its infancy and there is plenty of room for new and innovative entrants to the social CRM market.

Ian Hendry


Managing Editor Joshua Weinberger responds: Thanks for the feedback, Ian. I certainly agree that Jeremiah has plotted a thought-provoking potential future for the expansion of the social Web--not only did we cover the release of his report ("Social Media: The Five-Year Forecast,", April 27, 2009), but he adapted its central thesis for a column in our June issue (The Tipping Point,, June 2009).

I may not agree with every aspect of his plotted future, but it certainly appealed to me enough that I embedded its premise (along with thought leadership from many, many others) in the first draft of our Social Media Maturity Model, which also appeared in that June issue. The original model is at, and its evolution continues as part of The #303030 Project on the destinationCRM blog ( The #303030 Project is our attempt at collaboration and crowdsourcing, a series of daily posts dismantling the Social Media Maturity Model and rebuilding it from the ground up. You can participate (or even just follow along) by going to the first post:

GREAT ARTICLE by Assistant Editor Lauren McKay ("Small Businesses Show Social Networks Some Love," July 4, 2009, Thanks for making me aware of AMI-Partners' latest research--it supports what I've been seeing as well. Small businesses have much less of a barrier to adopting social CRM into their processes, because they have fewer big-business hurdles to leap in terms of resources, branding, approvals, and integration. …

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