Magazine article The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)

Kevin Spacey Confidential

Magazine article The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)

Kevin Spacey Confidential

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In the gay press the practice of outing--revealing without permission that someone is gay--is strictly taboo. But when writer Tom Junod interviewed actor Kevin Spacey for Esquire, no one thought to place gay topics off limits. The resulting cover story, "Kevin Spacey Has a Secret," begins, I mean, my mother knows. Or thinks she knows.... I told her I was writing a story on Kevin Spacey, and she said, `Well, I hear he's gay.'"

The article never says Spacey is homosexual, but the actor's Hollywood reps treated it as a full-blown outing. Reiterating that Spacey's private life will stay private, his publicist called Esquire "dishonest," "malicious," and "homophobic."

Speaking to The Advocate, Junod insists he meant no harm. But he also recognizes that in breaking the gay press's unwritten rules, he may have changed mainstream journalism forever.

Did you out Kevin Spacey?

I guess in the beginning [the story] talks about my mother outing him.

Did your mother really make that comment?

Yes. I had talked to a bunch of people about Kevin, and the question of his sexuality was always Topic A, never Topic B or C. Finally I told my mom I was doing this story, and she said, "Kevin Spacey? I hear he's gay." I cracked up, because it had reached a point of absurdity. I thought I could write about this with some sort of humor.

Your editor in chief says the actor's reps are "really out of line for saying that Spacey was blindsided."

They are. I had two long sit-down interviews with Kevin. I asked if he was concerned about playing a gay character as his first starring role [in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil]. Kevin said, "The speculation doesn't matter to me." There's a quote I didn't use, when he says, "I always laugh when publicists jump out of their bag when something is said about someone." That whole conversation was in the context of gay rumors. …

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