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Steering the Way

Magazine article Mortgage Banking

Steering the Way

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Company executives who are active participants in planning the corporate training mission, strategy and policies will support the training programs. If you want more top management support of your training, create and lead a company training steering committee, composed of the top executive decision-makers in your company. Jim Witherow, CEO of FT Mortgage Companies, says, "It's critical for senior managers to be involved in the shape and direction of our training programs. Our training steering committee ensures that our training programs support our company culture, mission and strategies."

Company executives who are not involved in major training decisions are certainly not going to be able to support the training programs. Sometimes training directors seem to take the "if I train it they will come" approach to involving senior management in the training function. As Will Rogers put it, "Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."

Demonstrate your leadership position in the company by bringing the training strategies and plans to senior management, rather than waiting for them to come to you.

The purpose of a training steering committee will depend on the company needs and culture. Responsibilities and activities of the committee might include the following tasks.

* Reviewing the corporate training strategic plans and annual budget. If senior managers have the opportunity to see and discuss your training strategic plans, they will be in a better position to understand and support the budget plan required to deliver on those plans.

Make sure your budget is supported by training strategic plans that include the number of students expected to be trained during the fiscal year, goals and action plans for the training group, the number of times courses will be offered during the year and so on. And, be sure to benchmark your training dollar expenditures against industry averages.

* Reviewing, discussing and approving new or revised training programs and policies. When employees request new training programs that are not covered in your current budget, bring the request, potential gain and potential cost to the training steering committee to determine if the need supports company strategic plans to the extent that additional budget funds are warranted.

If a new system will be implemented in the company, or a new strategic initiative will require training, present this information to the committee in a proposal format.

* Monitoring the quality of the training programs. …

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