Magazine article CMA - the Management Accounting Magazine

A Vision to Accelerate the Profession toward the 21st Century

Magazine article CMA - the Management Accounting Magazine

A Vision to Accelerate the Profession toward the 21st Century

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CMA readers are invited to comment on this initiative through fax or e-mail to the president and CEO of CMA Canada. (Fax (905) 525-4666; e-mail

We are taking an exciting quantum leap to advance our profession for the upcoming new millennium and expanding global marketplace.

Over the next two years, CMA Canada and the professional people it supports, will carve out a new niche of strategic leadership as management professionals.

This leadership role is much more than just a stage of evolution for the profession. This journey to a higher ground will affect every facet of the operation and infrastructure of the Society. It will create a stronger, more supportive, highly flexible and responsive professional association.

The board of directors has considered two new vision statements - one for the organization and one for its members. These statements were created to provide a clear, bright picture of the future as we anticipate it. The statements also describe who we are and how we will be perceived in the coming years.

The association statement sharpens the focus of the role of the organization. The member statement emphasizes the value-added capabilities that make CMA professionals stand apart in their contribution to an organization's success. As you contemplate these statements, notice the new and more powerful words.

Vision statement for the organization:

CMA Canada... the pre-eminent North American organization shaping financial and strategic management professionals to lead successful enterprises.

Vision statement for members:

The CMA... the financial and strategic management professional who provides innovative strategic leadership and an integrating perspective to decision-making in successful enterprises in the global marketplace.

Also notice the unique phrases in these statements that leave out words such as accountant and accounting and are replaced with descriptions such as financial and strategic management professional.

The new vision is not just a change or evolution in our philosophy. It is major progress that gives new direction. It acknowledges and anticipates that an opportunity exists to extend the influence of CMAs, our products and our organization within North America and into the global marketplace.

To get where we are headed, we will succeed through these key strategies:

* Product differentiation

* Product improvement

* Member competence

* Quality growth

* Marketplace recognition

* Business-process transformation. …

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