Magazine article Newsweek

We Hate to Admit . .

Magazine article Newsweek

We Hate to Admit . .

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GUILTY PLEASURES: There are some movies we can't resist - especially if we're home alone and no one knows we're watching.


UPON ITS RELEASE, NEWSWEEK called this trash epic of pill-popping, booze-swilling, stardom-hungry babes "one of the most stupefyingly clumsy films ever made by alleged professionals." Well, yeah- so? Patty Duke, Sharon Tate (above), Barbara Parkins and Susan Hayward scream, bitch, back-stab, throw tantrums, debase themselves with men, bounce in and out of rehab and generally act out in all sorts of atrocious ways. Thirty years later we have a word for this kind of behavior: postfeminism.

HEIDI (1937)

BACK IN THE DEPRESSION, folks had Shirley Temple to cheer them up. Today she can yank you out of your depression. In this kiddie sobfest, "Public Cherub No.1" (as The New York Times called her in 1937) bonds with her crotchety grandpa, battles evil aunties and rebounds from being sold into servitude.


WHO SAID LOVE WAS FUN? Ryan O'Neal, playing a ritzy Harvard student, is so bonkers for Ali MacGraw's impoverished Radcliffe gal that he gives up his inheritance, scrapes his way through law school and moves into a dumpy inner-city apartment in order to be with her. She spends her Lime being saintly. Just when they're climbing back on the gravy train, she thanks him For his sacrifice by contracting a fatal illness. On paper, it's appallingly gloppy. On screen, it gets us every time.


HELM. MATT HELM. DEAN Martin plays this reluctant spy hero and gadget king with hiccupy savoir-faire. …

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