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Marketing Mole: We'll Call You - Asda

Magazine article Marketing

Marketing Mole: We'll Call You - Asda

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Having heard that the supermarket was installing live webcams, we rang to find out whether our shopping trips were likely to be broadcast to all and sundry.

Asda Good afternoon, thanks for calling, you're through to (name). Can I take your name please?

Mktg Yes. (Provides name.)

Asda Hi (name). How can I help you today?

Mktg Someone was telling me about something called 'Aisle Spy'. I shop in Asda and I just wanted some information on what it was.

Asda On what, sorry?

Mktg Aisle Spy. I think it's cameras in-store, or something.

Asda Aisle Spy?

Mktg Yes.

Asda What is this, a product?

Mktg No, it's to do with in-store cameras, I think.

Asda It's what?

Mktg In-store cameras, webcams, something like that.

Asda Oh right. Let me see if I can get more information. Are you OK to hold?

Mktg Yes. (Put on hold.)

Asda Hi (name). Sorry about the wait, I was trying to get as much information as possible. The webcams aren't actually in stores. They are at three of our locations, which are a dairy farm, a carrot factory and here at our head office, Asda House. It's streaming live footage. I don't know what it's for really. …

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