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University of Cambridge's Enhanced I-Wax Is Next-Generation Electronic Publishing Technology

Magazine article Information Today

University of Cambridge's Enhanced I-Wax Is Next-Generation Electronic Publishing Technology

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The Cambridge, U.K., Centre for Clinical Informatics (CCI) and Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) of Chicago recently announced the success of their collaboration to bring cutting-edge online electronic publishing technology into the medical marketplace. IMO introduced The HIV Manual as the first book produced using the jointly developed I-Wax electronic publishing tools. According to the announcement, the I-Wax products support complex medical knowledge development through built-in conceptual search and customization functionality.

IMO worked with CCI and the University of Cambridge to enhance Wax, a multimedia software application used by the National Health System of the U.K. to distribute medical reference materials to physicians. This product has evolved into I-Wax, which now represents a new generation in electronic publishing technology.

I-Was combines the capabilities of Web-enabled, multimedia browsers with the security of authorship authentication. The I-Wax browser is a stand-alone application that can be distributed over the Internet, along with any electronic books published through this technology.

IMO received an exclusive license from CCI to distribute I-Wax books in the U.S. IMO has licensed medical content for The HIV Manual, edited by David Spach and Thomas Hooton from Oxford University Press, and additional books are planned for the future. Primarily designed for clinicians, the manual will he updated regularly and distributed over the Internet. The next IMO I-Wax book, The HIV Glossary, became available in June and is directed to ward people living with HIV/AIDS, their families, and friends.

"Medicine contains complex subject matter that requires significant indexing and manipulation," said Andrew Kanter, physician and chief operating officer of IMO. "To address physician and researcher information needs. I-Wax books have the built-in ability to locate individual paragraphs of text by identifying concepts rather than by simple text searching. This allows users to search for terms not included in the text of the book, yet conceptually linked to content."

As part of its enhanced functionality, searching in I-Wax lakes advantage of common clinical vocabulary and medical abbreviations. …

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