Magazine article Occupational Hazards

And I Quote

Magazine article Occupational Hazards

And I Quote

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Some of the comments proved presciently wise; others - well, not so.

Occupational safety and health hazards are created by people and solved by people. As we looked back over 60 years of Occupational Hazards for this anniversary issue, we took a special interest in the six-decade dialog that helped shape the safety field. Some commenters are famous; others obscure. Some of their comments proved presciently wise; others - well, not so.

"Industry's interest in industrial hygiene has lagged in the past, not so much in our large plants, but in our small plants, where management... has not realized that an unhealthy worker is an inefficient and dissatisfied worker." - Kenneth Morse, technical adviser, Illinois Public Health Service, 1938

"...Our war effort and our economy will be seriously affected unless tested accident-prevention techniques are extended into all spheres of our national life. I therefore regard the movement for vastly expanded nation-wide safety program as an integral part of our over-all effort for maximum war production." - Donald Nelson, chairman, War Production Board, 1942

"Last year, our system paid out $3,500 to 250 workers for 332 accepted safety suggestions. I couldn't get even one good safety engineer for $3,500 - and if I could, would he have spotted these 332 hazards? This way, I have 250 part-time safety men working for me." - Division safety manager, General Motors Corp., 1953

"Sell the thoughts of safety rather than depend on rigid enforcement. It has been said that rules are made to be broken. Rules are definitely made to be followed with as little deviation as possible. But to have rules and laws alone is not sufficient. Everyone must first understand the problem and be sold on the solution." - Lake B. Martin, safety director, Haynes Stellite Co., 1959

"Frequency rate measures failure. This method of measuring performance runs counter to all other methods used to measure performance in business. Statistics measuring production or sales performance are based on accomplishments, not failures." - G.W. Bower, safety consultant, 1964

"The gap in worker protection is wide and glaring and it must be closed by a strong and forceful new law." - President Lyndon B. Johnson, 1968

"We question the need for a major, new Federal program involving further regulation of industry practices in regard to health and safety. …

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