Magazine article Marketing

The Secret Diary of Brian the Brand Manager

Magazine article Marketing

The Secret Diary of Brian the Brand Manager

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Until last week I thought that EVAP was what people on day release from psychiatric institutions poured on their jelly for dessert when lunching at the Regency Cafe and Grill located just opposite Peckham bus garage in south London.

Their 'jelly and evap' or evaporated milk, is famous, drawing people from half-way homes and alcoholic recovery units as far afield as Camberwell and New Cross.

But now I know different. Last week Professor Jisel Jawbone Jnr, the famous American marketing strategy consultant, came to talk to us. He described it as a 'chat' when in fact it was a not-very-well-disguised pitch for business. But I have to confess that what he said left us all stunned.

He jokily called his little lecture 'The fundamentals of marketing - 3p off. His opening gambit was that it is ironic that, although marketing is supposed to be about the consumer, the basics, the so-called 4ps, are in fact producer not consumer terms.

"Promotion is what we call it. Don't you think 'Explanation' is a more neutral and friendly term?"

"Price?" he let the word hang in the air. The man fancied himself as a bit of an orator in the charismatic vein and he was not afraid of the dramatic power of silence. "Price?" he repeated. Then he dropped his voice. "Price doesn't matter. Not a jot. Consumers are interested in Value not Price," he rumbled.

"Place?" "People don't care where your product is as long as they can get to it. Access is what it's about, not Place," he thumped the table to convey the point. …

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