Magazine article The Progressive

Dim Is King

Magazine article The Progressive

Dim Is King

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Remember back in grade school, when the whole class came to a screeching halt while the teacher stopped to explain the proceedings to the slow kids? She'd waste entire mornings trying to abridge the lesson plan so the feeble could understand. Well, that's what's happening here. America is being held hostage by the dim.

I'm tired of having to pace our progress so as not to upset the easily spooked, like those still fighting Darwin.


People used to be embarrassed to be stupid. Now they're walking around all semi-erect and proud and stuff, wearing their density like a badge of authenticity. During the health care riots, people actually waved placards that read, "Stop Socializing USA & Keep Youre Hands Off My Medicare." Dude. At least use two different signs.

Then the President gave a speech. To kids. You know, a "school is good" kind of pep talk to encourage them to study hard and take responsibility and the importance of getting an education and blah blah blah blah blah. The same load of crap we've heard our entire lives. But for some of these young uns, this would be their first load of crap. So what happens? Parents kept students home because they didn't want their wee precious brains to be hypnotized by the President's socialistic indoctrinations. Saw a guy on the news who told the interviewer, "I don't want my sons to grow up to be community activists." What does that even mean?

For crum's sake, he told them to wash their hands. Didn't mention fluoridated water once. These boneheads kept their kids out of school to keep them from hearing Obama's subversive message to ... stay in school. Screw health care. How 'bout some legislation making smug truculent ignorance a crime? I know. We'd need prisons the size of Montana.

I kind of understand the antipathy towards intellectualism. Often the theoretical does not jibe with the practical. …

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