New Book Examines the Electronic Publishing Maze

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Paula J. Hane is contributing editor of Information Today. Her e-mail is

Harry Collier has been a familiar and respected figure in the electronic information industry for many years. He worked in technical and scientific publishing for 6 years and then for the Institute for Scientific Information as head of European operations for 8 years. He then spent 8 years with Learned Information, Ltd., directing publishing projects. He currently heads Infonortics, Ltd., a British company he formed in 1987 that specializes in conferences and publications in the new information technologies area His book Strategies in the Electronic Information Industry (1991 and 1993) went through two highly praised editions.

Earlier this year, Collier published a new book that gives a detailed analysis of electronic publishing in the turbulent Internet era. The Electronic Publishing Maze: Strategies in the Electronic Publishing industry (1998) is aimed at a broad, nontechnical audience. According to the publisher, "It is for those in publishing, information work, or management who need an informed overview of the information industry, with some perspective as to its roots and some guesses as to where things might be going over the next few years."

Contents of the 209-page book include chapters on the nature of information, the background and technology of the Internet, the Internet as a commercial medium, the Internet and established publishers, information pricing, copyright, liability and privacy issues, and next-generation applications and technologies (including ADSL, ISDN, data compression, new software, storage, and delivery options). There is also a final chapter attempting a summary and forecasts.

Along with insightful perspectives on some recent events (the demise of News-Net, mergers and acquisitions among major publishers and vendors, the battle of the news services, etc. …


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