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Community Construction Kit

Magazine article Technology & Learning

Community Construction Kit

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Platforms and Unusual System Requirements[dagger]: Macintosh CD. A Windows version is due out this fall.

Emphasis: Architecture, interdisciplinary.

Grade Level: 2-6.

Publisher: Tom Snyder Productions, 800 Coolidge Hill Rd., Watertown, MA 02172; (800) 342-0236;

School Price: $79.95; lab packs, networkable versions and site licenses are available.

Community Construction Kit is a kid-friendly tool for creating model villages offline. Students begin by choosing a building and roof shape, then add elements such as windows, doors, chimneys, and trim. There are also tools for hand painting the buildings or stamping objects on them--although the third-graders I tested the software with found stamping difficult on all but the simplest of building shapes. The finished design prints out as a "net" with tabs and fold lines to guide students through the steps of assembling the building. Nets are also available for people, trees and other add-ons, making it easy to populate the growing 3-D community. In addition, there are ready-made buildings that can be modified or printed out unchanged, and street maps on which buildings can be placed. …

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