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Draw like an Egyptian

Magazine article School Arts

Draw like an Egyptian

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The first artist to ever be recorded in history was Imhotep, builder of pyramids and other public structures for King Zoser, third dynasty 2600 BC. Architecture and reliefs are the most famous forms of Egyptian art, but the Egyptians also had a rich drawing and painting history in the form of wall paintings.

When you study Egyptian drawings you find that the artists had a certain way of drawing things, no matter what they were drawing.

Drawing Scenes

To draw like an Egyptian, draw scenes of your everyday life and organize them on a series of horizontal bars.

Drawing People

To draw a person the way an Egyptian would have, make the person face straight ahead at the viewer, or more likely in strict profile so every part of the body is flat against the background and both feet are turned in the same direction.

You would show important people by drawing extra details like a headdress or staff--what would be the equivalent of these things in our time? …

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